Ancelotti agrees with Ronaldo comparison to a ‘big bear’

Carlo Ancelotti believes that serenity is an important part of his personality as a coach, and agrees with Cristiano Ronaldo’s comparison of him to a ‘big bear’.

Ancelotti, who is now coach for Bayern Munich, had been popular amongst Real Madrid players in his time as Los Blancos coach, having carried them to La Decima – the club’s tenth European trophy.

Last year, Ronaldo had described him “like a big bear, he’s a cute guy, such a sensitive person.” Ancelotti admitted that this was “his character”.

“I think the thing you want to show in a relationship is your own character,” he explained. “I am quiet and calm, I think because I never had angry people around me. My father was calm, quiet, my first teacher was calm, my first manager was calm. Everyone has to show his character.”

“I don’t know if this character is good to be a manager, but I have to show this. I want to be honest with the players, I want to be honest with the club.”

As is the nature of sports, there would be occasions when he couldn’t control his emotions. However, the Italian says he tries to bottle up his rage in front of his team so that he can speak to them rationally.

“I kick the couch when I’m really angry,” he said. “But now I prefer to stay quiet.”

“I prefer not to speak to the players if I’m angry. I prefer to speak the day after when we are all calmer.”

Meanwhile, Ancelotti is set to return to action in the Bundesliga this weekend after two weeks of international break, as Bayern visits Entracht Frankfurt on Saturday.

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