NFL to ban chop block play


We have seen the last of chop blocks in the NFL.

This was the key highlight among the new approved rules that owners gathered to discuss during their annual meetings, as they decided to abolish any and all “chop” style blocks.

Other new rulings include an expansion of the horse collar rule to include instances in which defenders grab the nameplate of the jersey and a permanent approval of the 15-yard line as the line of scrimmage for extra points.

It was a move met with immediate and resounding praise from defensive players who were getting tired of having their legs cut from beneath them. The move had also been known to cause serious injuries depending on the target area of the chop block move.

Offensive plays would see a great change in the 2016 season since the chop block has always been a valuable tool for offensive linemen coming from the weak side and could even be used when a player wasn’t quite faster than the other.

A proposal to eject players for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in one game has been left unaddressed. New York Giants coach John Mara revealed that several coaches were concerned about the outcome of such a new ruling.

“They worry it will lead to more players being ejected,” Mara said.

“But we don’t look at it that way. I think the effect it will have will be, if a player has one, then that might make him think about it before mouthing off to an opponent again in the same game.”

“I think we have a sportsmanship problem that we have to deal with. This is one option for dealing with it, and it’s not dead yet.”

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